Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our new life

My goodness it has been a while since I have blogged. Last time we were still living in NZ,
now we are in the gorgeous Melbourne Victoria and loving every minute!!!

We arrived on the 2nd of Feb to the hottest day I had ever experienced in my life! 38 degrees thank you very much! It was dry and beyond hot! We explored Melbourne for the day, visited family and made our way to where we were going to stay for the next few weeks until we got our own home. It was certainly interesting to say the least, but now we have our lovely home and we couldnt be happier!!! The kids love having their own space and their own things, can be as noisey as they choose and it great to watch them relax into their surroundings.

Leyton is walking and talking in his own language, Holly starts kinder next week.......
wow... my babies arent babies anymore!! Its exciting and sad. Exciting for them that they growing and learning everyday and you watch them at their level how they see the world, everything is exciting and new and the smallest things are the very best! Sad.. because they arent babies anymore, they dont need you just as much as they did a few months ago, and they dont sit still long enough anymore for those cuddles hehe.

Nick is going into the police which will be very very exciting for him!! I think he misses the uniform actually lol

Its ammusing, we still look like tourists when we go into the city..... in awe of this very very busy city, and all the things you see that you dont see back home. The public transport is amazing!
and very fast paced. It seems like this place never sleep there is always something going on.

We still go to the supermarket and think... wow!! thats so cheap compared to back home!!!!

Or, "you would never get that in NZ!"

Im sure to Australians we look like floral shirt wearing, camera in hand tourists. But thats fine we love it. I have been told by friends back home I already have the Australian twang with somethings I say, but then by Australian standard I am very much a New Zealander in my accent. Some people get me to say certain words for their amusement, where i want them to tell me all their funny auzzie words and compare them to what we say back home.

For example...... "Jaffle"...... I think of a Jaffa Lolly..... no no its a Toastie!!! A toastie?? how do they get jaffle from Toastie?! Funny things like that make it so enjoyable being here.

Right well must go, house chores etc

Talk again soon

Jo xoxo

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  1. Thanks for the update. Very glad you are settling in and enjoying your life change. So exciting. Take care and keep us up dated xx