Sunday, June 6, 2010

Preparations are under way!!

Well.... this is the very first blog about our overseas endevours.

We are moving to Melbourne, Australia!

Big move and lots of emotions to go with it, the main one being total excitement!

Hubby is leaving the army, Civi world here we come! The house hunt is on. Its amazing the money that can be earnt over there compared to dear old NZ.

The opportunities are far and wide and melbourne from what I have heard is stunning.
Also helps that Nick is an Australian Citizen.

We have had moving companies come around and do quotes for our belongings to be shipped over and what it will cost for our furry babies to go with us.

Lots to do, not enough time lol but that makes it more exciting!!

Talk Later


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  1. Exciting preparations. I'm glad you have started a blog. I will enjoy following all your adventures!
    J xx